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Meet Danny Lundy

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Danny Lundy

Danny has worked at Comfort Systems USA in Indianapolis for the last 15 years. He has held many positions within the company over the years but is most proud of his work to streamline company processes that improve interdepartmental communication and efficiency. He designed many reports that improved accountability of external vendors as well as service to their customers. Danny knows what a value transparency, communication, teamwork, and taking responsibility is for a customer.

Throughout his life, Danny has spent a good deal of time in customer service related industries; from restaurant server, automotive service, retail, call center, and managing multi-million-dollar national accounts. He believes taxpayers are the paying customers of government and deserve the best customer service possible and will apply all these skills, experience, and talents to providing a premium level of service to the public.

Before he decided to run for office, Danny had already began applying these core concepts to our local government agencies right here in Mooresville. As with many folks around town, he became quite curious about the Gateway Project and what impact it was having on taxpayers. He was shocked at how hard it was to find real answers and at the amount of disinformation and rumor surrounding the project. So he resolved to shine a light on what was happening so that the taxpayers in Mooresville could properly judge what kind of service they were receiving. Danny began live streaming the Town Council meetings as well as the Redevelopment Meetings on Facebook. Hes diligently posted any documentation he can find about current projects online where that can be found much easier by those who want to know. These actions have already made a difference in how our local government conducts business. Both of those entities take more time and care to be more transparent and accessible to the public.

Danny Lundy

During that process, however, Danny realized it was even more difficult to track what the Township Government was doing. They are not required to have more than one public meeting a year and do not have regularly scheduled meetings. Often the Mooresville-Times does not print a summary of their meetings. This is why he decided to run for Brown Township Board. As a member of the board he will attend all meetings and can put the business of the people online, in front of the people for their review.

Danny resides in downtown Mooresville and is a single father to four wonderful children and one granddaughter.

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