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Brown Township Government

Until such time as the Brown Township official government website becomes fully functional, I will attempt to provide some public informatin here on my page.

Contact Information

  • Township Trustee:

    Mark Harris
    Phone: (317)831-1734
    Fax: (317)831-8697
  • Township Clerk-Treasurer:

    Vicki Nowak
    Phone: (317)831-1734
    Fax: (317)831-8697

  • Township Board:

    Christopher Hester
    Steve Oschman
    Phone: (317)437-4820
    Adam Johnson
    Phone: (317)831-4699

Meeting Minutes






Township Assistance

The township trustee is designated as the administrator of emergency assistance within his or her township. The township trustee, as administrator of that assistance, is responsible for the oversight and care of all poor individuals in the township as long as the individuals remain in the trustee’s charge. It is the trustee’s responsibility to see that township residents are properly taken care of in the manner required by law.

Reference Indiana Code: IC 12-20 & IC 12-30-4

I found this tri-fold pamphlet from another township in Indiana that helps detail township assistance fairly well. Requirements may be slightly different in Brown Township, but I am including it here for its good relevant information and as an example of what we could be providing to our residents. Township Assistance Flyer

Fire & Emergency Services

Purchase fire fighting and emergency services apparatus and equipment for the township, provide for the housing, care, maintenance, operation, and use of the apparatus and equipment to extinguish fires that occur within the township but outside the corporate boundaries of municipalities, and employ full-time or part time fire fighters to operate the apparatus and equipment and to provide services in that area.

This also includes contracting with other municipalities, townships, and other departments. Reference Indiana Code: IC 36-8-13 for more info on this.


Monical Cemetery

Indiana law gives the responsibility for maintaining abandoned cemeteries in the state to the township trustee.

Brown Township maintains Monical Cemetary located on Couty Rd 290 E near Brooklyn, Indiana.

Reference Indiana Code: IC 23-14-68 for more information

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